PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals a Clear & Undeniable Pattern

Dr. Shiva MIT PhD reveals how votes were stolen by Dominion from Trump for Biden. 
Dr. Shiva MIT PhD analysis of Michigan vote reveals the unfortunate truth of U.S. voting systems. 

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai posted this video claiming that some simple analytics revealed election fraud in Michigan. It received more than 200,000 views and claims that Joe Biden stole more than 60,000 votes in Michigan.

Algorithm: Move Trump Votes to Biden
  • As precincts increase with a higher % of Republicans, a greater % of Trump votes are transferred to Biden
  • The MORE the precinct was Republican, the more % of Trump voter are transferred to Biden in that precinct. 
  • The slop of the discount to Trump's votes is the SAME in each county
Why are more % of Trump votes transferred to Biden in precincts that have more Republicans? 

Are both parties Republicans and Democrats are aware of this feature in the voting system? 

Is it possible that this pattern is normal and explains a normal voting pattern? This is explained at 45 minutes in the video. 

The dataset Ayyadurai works with contains:
  • Precinct-level vote percentages for presidential candidates and down-ballot candidates.
  • Precinct-level registration percentages for the Republican Party (inferred by their votes) vs. other registrations.
  • The above data for multiple counties, with a focus on Oakland County, Macomb County, and Kent County.
  • The main quantity Ayyadurai is concerned with is the difference between the % of votes for down-ballot Republican candidates vs. % of votes for the incumbent president, Donald J. Trump.
He shows that the higher the percentage of Republican voters in a precinct, the more negative this difference is— i.e, there is a higher percentage of votes for Republican down-ballot candidates than there are for President Trump, the more Republican a precinct is.

The inputs and the outputs in our voting systems are not verifiable. The evidence is ambiguous.  

1)  Permanent voter registration
2)  Open source of software
3)  Handmarked paper ballots (capability to remove the computer from the process) 
4)  Save ballot images pursuant to federal law (allows for a public recount)
5)  Automatic audits - audit every election 
6)  Public precinct-level data (poll tapes) on election night 

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