Crowdsourcing Science Inconsistencies, Economic & Legal Issues

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Due to the irregular nature of the COVID-19 responses, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing the economic ramifications, scientific inconsistencies, and legal issues. Our desire is to see a rational and principled approach to COVID-19 where the rights of citizens and commerce are protected.

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in courts, not general news stories.

Submitted items may be edited or deleted to ensure quality of content.  188 issues and counting! 
  1. 110,000 restaurants have closed permanently or long-term
  2. 35% of PPP small business loans went to large franchise chains
  3. 7.5% - 10% of mom-and-pops/independent restaurants due to permanently close
  4. -16.4% drop in retail sales
  5. +43% in US Commercial Bankruptcies from past year
  6. +45% in profits for Walmart from past year
  7. 32% of MI businesses forced to temporarily close, highest in nation
  8. 19% of US businesses closed due to government-mandated closures
  9. +63.3% in Amazon's Stock Price since first US lockdowns
  10. 35% of small business owners reporting they are unable to make December rent.
  11. Small businesses expected to pay full taxes on PPP loans
  12. 42% of the gross staffing reductions will result in permanent job losses
  13. +27.5% in wealth for world's billionaires, topping at $10.2 trillion
  14. 52% percent of hotel owners said they are in danger of foreclosure
  15. 163,735 Businesses close from March to September according to Yelp
  16. Billionaires receive millions of taxpayer dollars from COVID-19 stimulus
  17. Bill Gates advocates for lockdown restrictions for 4 to 12+ months
  18. 3/4 of 2020 had almost no positive flu cases worldwide, according to WHO data
  19. UN finds polio outbreak is due to vaccines
  20. U.S. Death Rates for 2020 is different from previous years.
  21. Asymptomatic transmission only .7% within households
  22. Coca-Cola Tests "positive" for Covid
  23. WHO states COVID19 PCR Test "Elevated risk for false results"
  24. 94% of US Covid Deaths had Contributing Conditions
  25. 0% of close contacts with asymptomatic carriers test positive in early study
  26. Existing drug Ivermectin found as effective as a new therapeutic
  27. 2.6% of vaccines doses produce adverse events for patients, AHRQ study finds
  28. 2.8% of Pfizer vaccine recipients have Health Impact Event, require medical care
  29. 4 medial staff had severe allergic reactions to Pfizer vaccine
  30. 6 studies show no known benefit from wearing a mask during a viral epidemic.
  31. Deaths of infected counted toward COVID-19 numbers regardless of cause of death
  32. 2 health workers had serious allergic reactions to Pfizer and hospitalized
  33. Pfizer trials didn't include people with a history of severe allergic reactions
  34. Gunshot victims listed as "Deaths among COVID-19"
  35. COVID-19 pandemic could be stopped if at least 70% public wore face masks consis
  36. Mask mandates correlated to increase in COVID-19 infection rates
  37. 143 Studies find Hydroxychloroquine is effective against Covid-19
  38. PCR test does not identify complete live virus necessary for transmission
  39. NAH, FDA, CDC hasn't had a task force for researching existing drugs
  40. Cancer deaths increasing due to diagnosis delays, 15.3% colorectal , 7.9% breast
  41. Allergic reactions to Pfizer vaccine reported in multiple states
  42. 40% of Chicago hospital staff say they won't take Pfizer vaccine
  43. +6% beds more beds availible at UK hospital from the same time in 2019
  44. COVID-19 PCR tests positive when administered to Coca Cola
  45. HCQ and Ivermectin become suggested reason for declining death rate in India
  46. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reverse Covid Hypoxia without ventilator
  47. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy found to be effective therapeutic
  48. New study investigates 5 death in Iceland after receiving Pfizer vaccine
  49. SARS-CoV2 proven to only replicate/infect the Upper Respiratory Tract only
  50. Wearing a Mask offers little protection but may increase perceived safety
  51. Masks are a "symbolic gesture" that "sends an untruthful message" - hospital CEO
  52. Respective case report HBOT as an alternative to ventilator
  53. U.K. gov downgrades C-19 from high consequence infectious disease
  54. Man dies falling from ladder ruled as COVID death
  55. Nurse faints after taking Pfizer vaccine while live on TV
  56. 3,000 people confined under police guard in public housing
  57. 10 persons max, with masks, for holiday gatherings or $1,000 for each violation
  58. Children likely to experience high rates of lasting depression and anxiety
  59. Chinese Citizen Journalist faces 5 years after covering outbreak and response
  60. Women fined on their daily walk with coffees, classified as "picnic" by police
  61. 130 million more people face starvation since lockdowns began
  62. People with Dimentia show mental health decline under lockdown
  63. +375% in failure rate in Oregon high school due to online learning
  64. Man sentenced to two months in prison for face mask offence
  65. Police detained people archiving social media posts censors delete about COVID
  66. +259% drug overdose deaths in SF than COVID, up 40% from 2019
  67. 5 million American households are at risk of evictions in January
  68. Right to life violated by diverting resources away from residents in care homes
  69. 90 counties have had mass protests in response to eroding civil liberties
  70. Protests erupt after police kills citizen violating national curfew
  71. "To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior"
  72. +20% in Los Angeles Murders while overall crime drops 9.7% in 2020
  73. 25% change in Fauci estimate of vaccinated population to achieve herd immunity
  74. No correlation between government response and death rate
  75. Lockdowns not based on science, according to Sweden’s Top Infectious Disease Expert
  76. 50%+ of hospitalized COVID patients were CA and NY with long lasting lockdowns
  77. Lockdowns mandated 11 days after peak as cases consistantly decine
  78. Unaffected areas will be in forced lockdowns until other areas open
  79. The elderly shouldn't be prioritized for vaccines due to being primarily white.
  80. Vaccines used to Sterilize Women in Kenya
  81. Pfizer CEO won't take his own vaccine
  82. 96.4 percent survival rate with Vitamin C, Zinc, Corticosteroid, Anticoagulants
  83. Lockdowns had limited and statistically insignificant effects COVID-19 spread
  84. Masks stop working in as little as 20 minutes due to saturation.
  85. Vaccine side effects
  86. Migrant center turned into Covid-19 detention center for quarantine violators
  87. FOI shows no records of virus isolation in Canada
  88. Pentagon states that ABC cited a nonexistent covid report
  89. Infuenza went to 0 while 'Covid' peaks
  90. Epidemiologists and scientists grave concerns about COVID-19 policies.
  91. Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines
  92. Covid-19 became big business early into the pandemic.
  93. Did Bill Gates predict Covid 19 in 2015?
  94. Top WHO contributors 2021/01/23 Germany, Gates Foundation, USA
  95. How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society
  96. Article by Lew Rockwell site, look at science links in article
  97. Germany, Weimar court rules Lockdowns unconstitutional
  98. For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.
  99. Statistics Canada table Selected grouped causes of death, by week
  100. Kary Mullis: PCR Test Inventor Calls Dr Fauci A FRAUD!
  101. The Empirical Case for a Mask Mandate Lacks Scientific Grounding
  102. Scientific Fraud in Public Health Policies for Covid19
  103. Victoria lockdowns kill 4 newborns in 1 day; Adelaide Covid Deaths In 2020= 4
  104. More under 60s died on roads last year than from COVID W/o underlying conditions
  105. 23 die in Norway after receiving vaccine
  106. Drug addicts in rehab to get vaccine before the elderly
  107. 84% Fewer Hospitalisations For Patients Treated With Hydroxychloroquine
  108. 50 Doctors, Scientists & Health Entrepreneurs Became Billionaires In Pandemic
  109. One in 6 Covid patients infected while in hospital for another illness
  110. Germany is making detention centers for lockdown violations.
  111. Request for expedited federal investigation into scientific fraud in COVID‑19 pu
  112. Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19
  113. COVID-19: Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink
  114. single case experience w/ Ivermectin in Buffalo, NY
  115. No clear, significant beneficial effect of lockdowns/other restrictions
  116. Nurse Risks Job, Exposes “Planned Covid Crisis”…
  117. Heathy 56 Yr Old FL Doctor Dies After Taking COVID Vaccine
  119. The incidence of serious adverse events was low and was similar in the vaccine
  120. No nursing home deaths in Cayuga County until after vaccination
  121. Elderly man dies in Israel after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine
  122. Second person dies after COVID vaccination in Israel
  123. Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting Pfizer jab
  124. Proof that masks don't work, may even increase chances of getting covid.
  125. 1.2 billion airline travelers, 44 'potential cases' of COVID
  126. Proof that covid is a globalist bioweapon. The patent is the moderna vaccine.
  127. female first case death after vaccine pfizer biontech
  128. [Urgent] Many Republican Representatives have died suspiciously in recent days
  129. Brisbane schools closed to scare public, not for health reasons.
  130. The hive mind experiment needs DNA
  131. Rothschilds own the patent for the PCR test
  132. This is Rockafellers Barcode of life all they need is a PCR test
  134. HCQ works. So many doctors have used it with great results. No shut downs
  135. Surface transmission of COVID is almost nonexistent
  136. No post-thanksgiving spike of COVID in Wisconsin, despite travel
  137. Lawmakers order nursing homes to take people with COVID
  138. Brisbane schools closed to "send message" not "alleviate risk."
  139. Hospitals illegally collecting private data for State/foreign surveillance
  140. Fauci changes his opinion on vaccines and herd immunity due to polling data
  141. NHS had almost four times as many empty acute beds than average for springtime
  142. Dr. Andrew Kaufman: "0 Evidence Covid Passes Kochs Postulates for Germ Theory"
  144. 2 or 3 viable viruses going out right now!!! Recorded 5 days ago! TIME @ 47:25
  145. Humidity and Covid19
  146. The Nuremberg code 1947 voluntary consent-via British journal
  147. Geneva convention-clear no medical experiments. Further, benefit must exceedRisk
  148. Study: no masks worn in an operating theatre showed no infection rate increase
  149. Boston doctor with history of allergies has severe reaction to Moderna vaccine
  150. Animated Graph: Prevalence Of False Positive Tests At Low Infection Rates
  151. Government led vaccination program killed over 600 people (mostly children)
  152. 2018 world bank shows covid test kits then is changed when sent
  153. Shows covid 19 patent in 2015 and last updated 2016
  154. Dr Fauci says masks are ineffective at preventing transmission
  155. Masks work: The physics of droplets spreading and filtering
  156. Mask Mandate Lowers COVID-19 Transmissions - Masks Work!
  157. Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany - 20 days after becomin
  158. Lockdowns could be avoided if 95% of people wore masks, says WHO
  159. Masks block 99.9% of large Covid-linked droplets: Study
  160. Masks Help but Social distancing is still important
  161. WHO changes definition of "herd immunity", compare link to current WHO site.
  162. Complaint to the International Criminal Court about crimes against humanity
  163. Patent creates a human slave to patent holder. see Patent WO2020-060606A1
  164. Fact on Adverse Reactions from the Covid Vaccine
  165. Conspiracy by public health fed. agencies favoring Big Pharma against Ivermectin
  166. More Deaths due to Lockdowns than due to COVID-19
  167. Masks Don't Work - Multiple Sources, Multiple Studies
  168. Wildly divergent flu death statistics from the CDC - from less than 10K to 62K+
  169. Proved Pandemic Fraudulent in February/ 100+ articles of statistics & research
  170. "Vaccines are Unlikely to *Completely* Sterilize a Population"
  171. WHO Stopped Counting Influenza Cases When Covid Started
  172. Status of COVID-19 As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer a HCID
  173. Paper was withdrawn because it found artificial HIV insertions in coronavirus.
  174. Paper on coronavirus found that there are artificial HIV insertions in RONA.
  175. CDC- Vaccine Excipient Summary
  176. Constitutional Lawyer VS Illegal Lockdowns
  177. CDC Study- Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt
  178. Dr Vernon Coleman 20 Dec 2020
  179. Article 6 of the 2005 UNESCO declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
  180. All current information on COVID vaccine trials and approval
  181. FDA Document Shows Possible, Fatal Side Effects of Vaccines
  182. Swedish Epidemiologist Johan Giesecke: Why Lockdowns Are The Wrong Policy
  183. CDC: Mask isn't effective under prolonged exposure
  184. Regular masks do not work.
  185. Masks Are Not Effective
  186. FDA interfering with availability of Hydroxy Chloroquine: lawsuit by AAPS
  187. PCR Testing Vastly Overstates Infection Rate And Is Faulty
  188. Without directly measuring you can calculate infection rate from positivity rate

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