How Stupid Are Americans & News Media on Negative Interest Rates?

I don't think the average American has a clue what is about to happen in our banking system.  Banks could soon start stealing your hard-earned savings deposited on the premise that negative rates are to stimulate the economy.  The news media will just cover the unprecedented bank thievery as the "right thing to do" for our economy.  Just more bank fraud if you ask me!

Here is a Google Trends search for "negative interest rates" and you can see that the average American is completely clueless what is going on in the central banking system.  Google Trends is an insightful way to see what people are searching for when new events and things happen in society.  There

Here are some topics that are being searched on negative interest rates below.

Most people who have saved money their entire lives have no clue that the banking system is about to start taking it from them slowly but surely.  Yes that is correct, the banking system is about to penalize you for being a responsible saver.  Here is an overview of what has been happening with negative interest rates around the globe and why you should be concerned.

Negative interest rates seem like a counterintuitive, if not downright crazy for banks or the Federal Reserve.  Why would a money lender or bank be willing to pay someone to borrow money, considering the lender is the one taking the risk of the loan default?  Why would anyone deposit savings in a bank that would take more of your money the longer you had it in the bank?

Central banks have been lowering interest rates for decades to 0% trying to stimulate economies.  They have run out of policy options to stimulate and are turning to desperate measures of negative rates to steal your money now.  With negative interest rates, cash deposited at a bank yields a storage charge, rather than the opportunity to earn interest income.  The idea is to incentivize loading and spending, rather than saving and hoarding.

In recent years, several European and Asian central banks have imposed negative interest rates on commercial banks.  How has that works out?  Complete failure.  With negative rates, cash deposited at banks yields a storage charge, rather than the opportunity to earn interest income.  By charging European banks to store their reserves at the central bank, the policyholders hope to encourage banks to lends more.

Negative interest rates are not only an unconventional monetary policy too, but they are also a recent one.  Sweden's central bank was the first to deploy these rates: In July 209, the Riksbank cut its overnight deposit rate to -.25% and the European Center Bank (ECB) followed suit in June 2014 when it lowered its deposit rate to -.1%.  Other European countries and Japan have since opted to offer negative interest rates, resulting in $9.5 trillion worth of government debt carrying negative yields in 2017,

How much Government debt has been issued at negative interest rates?

About $15 trillion of government bonds worldwide, or 25% of the market, now trade at negative yields, according to Deutsche Bank.  This number has nearly tripled since October of 2018.  CNBC article from August 7, 2019.

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 an unprecedented event took place after a violent repricing in the Eurodollar contracts as near as November 2020, for the first time ever the market was pricing in that negative interest rates are not only coming to the USA, but would arrive sometime around the Presidential election.

The Bank of England or United Kingdom just sold its first negative-yielding Government bond on May 20, 2020.  In an auction Wednesday, the U.K. Debt Management Office said it sold £3.8 billion ($4.66 billion) worth of three-year gilts at a yield of -0.003%. This negative-yielding bond means the British government is effectively being paid to borrow. Investors will get back slightly less than they initially paid if they hold the bond to maturity, such is the demand for shoring up money in bonds.

I have not doubt in my mind the US Central Bank will also issue negative interest rates on or around the November election.  The US Central Bank will use the Coronavirus shutdown crisis as an excuse for why they are doing this to justify taking your savings to the American public.  The government won't let this crisis go to waste to continue its debt Ponzi scheme fraud.

Why would you pay the Government to hold your money? What does this mean for savers?

Why Everyone is Becoming an Activist

There is no such thing as bad data. False. This data sucks!
What is activism in this new politically biased fake news Coronavirus quarantine World? Why is it so important to express your 1st Amendment rights to free speech with your local Government? How can you make a difference by writing letters and engaging with local Facebook groups & local news media? 

There is not a person in this world who cannot admit that the Coronavirus data we have been consuming sucks. Public policy has now been established on this horrendous data and fear has parallelized most economies. You can also thank our fake news media that just regurgitated the propaganda without ever doing any research of due diligence.  

Most people think of activism as participating in a protest. However, I prefer is to be an activist by interpreting the news media and data. Information is power if properly communicated to the right individuals.  

The news media has lost all credibility with most intelligent people these days. However, it still has enormous power to influence behavior & Government decisions no matter how misinformed or misguided. I am not sure if I am angrier at the news media or Government officials for their emotional decision making and fear-based propaganda.  

Never in my lifetime have I seen this many people who are pissed off about National, State, County & Local Government policies surrounding Coronavirus. There are so many misguided Government policies to be disappointed in, that I don't even know where to start.  

I have said this from the very beginning of this crisis that our public officials are policy based on emotion and insanely inaccurate expert projections. There is one thing that has remained constant in this information crisis and that is the public data we are receiving is horrendous. There are so many expert data error examples that I don't even know where to start on this rant either. 

No one will admit that the projections health officials & medical tv experts were making in April and March were correct. Where are they now and why aren't we holding them accountable for their crap data? Most Government officials then proceeded to take these expert opinions and projections to feed the fear-mongering news media so they could scare everyone into staying home. 

The USA effectively shutdown the economy with Government policy that was based on false projections. Sweden was the only country that might have been skeptical and actually thought rationally about the outcome of this decision and just asked everyone to change their behavior without staying home. They are in the same position as the USA now but their economy is in way better shape. Short term pain and long term gain.  

Many local USA Government officials I have talked with said it was easy to shut down parks, beaches restaurants, and businesses with County health recommendations. However, the harder part is now convincing everyone to reopen.  

This pandemic or crisis of information started out with stay-at-home orders. We all followed the rules of washing our hands, wearing masks in grocery stores, and pretty much shut down everything in our lives. We all thought that 15 days of following orders to stay at home until Easter was reasonable and most people seemed to comply. The purpose of this was to flatten the curve or prolong the time for more people to get the virus. Aside from NY our hospitals had plenty of capacity and we accomplished this goal. 

Some would argue that staying at home was the only way to flatten the curve. However, some would argue that changes in behavior is what prevented the virus spread not staying home. Doing things like washing hands & social distancing is what flattened the curve. In my opinion, staying at home had little to do with flattening the curve because most of the Coronavirus cases were actually contracted in the home.

Here is an interesting cell phone data tracking study on how many people actually did follow the stay at home orders? The answer was 45-65% of the population actually stayed home. There was a large portion of the population who ignored the orders or were essential workers. The people who didn't stay home likely changed their behavior.  

So what happened on Easter, April 12 and why was the "goal post" get moved further out to April 30? Why did Trump give authority to the State Governors to establish stay at home orders? Why are the decisions to open up so political? Why did State & County health officials have so much power to make decisions?  Why wasn't more of this authority with local City Government officials?

There are so many questions of mismanagement that people like me are becoming activists and are asking practical questions of City and public officials that can't seem to answer. LA County is a great example of 11 million people that has 109 cities within the County. Each city experienced drastically different rates of infection, yet each city was subject to the same LA County draconian rules or recommendations.  

In cities where population density is greater the virus case rates are greater. It's just common sense that is being overlooked and not every city deserved that same rules.

Not letting each city manage and make their own public policy was a huge mistake. Just look at neighboring Orange County which has drastically different politics than LA County. OC is much more conservative and they kept their beaches open and have far fewer restrictions than very liberal LA County. Some Orange County Beach cities even had to file a lawsuit against the State of California to retain their rights.

My gut says if something like this pandemic ever happens again, each city or municipality needs to make its own decisions, what is best for themselves.  A one size fits all public policy is just plain ridiculous and stupid in large cities.  If you don't believe this assumption then you should just stop reading now because you don't understand economics anyway.

Local Government policy is what influences most of your life and why becoming an activist can really influence the policy of resisting change to keep a normal life. Influencing change at the County, State, or Federal Government level is nearly impossible unless you have major power, money, or influence. Most all of the local government policies are likely to affect you as a homeowner, renter, or small business owner.

The term that I keep hearing from the media and Government is "what is the new normal" going to look like? I really can't stand this term because it implies that we need to remake our entire economy or business practices. What happened to Free America, giving people and businesses choices about how to mitigate their own risks?  Has enough time passed to understand the virus and do we really have enough data to evaluate the risks of operating a normal society?  

What if I want to send my child to a normal school setting or have dinner in a sit-down restaurant? Shouldn't I have the choice of whether to take this risk or not?  Yes the virus is contagious but it's not that deadly if you look at the mortality rate of infection?  Walking across the street is probably more dangerous

Most people I speak with are not afraid of getting the virus and many people I know already have had the virus or now have the antibodies. Three people I know had the Coronavirus and also had flu shots. Just a coincidence or are you more susceptible to the virus if you had a flu shot?  Flu shots are an entirely different controversial discussion which you can read here. 

You have the choice to stay at home or send your child to an online school. No one is forcing you to do anything. Government officials have overreached their authority during this crisis and have no logical solutions on how and when to open up the economy or schools.   It is entirely possible that by August and September that we are even talking about the virus in the news because the spread is so rare.  Not a popular view but certainly possible with 3 months of warm weather. 

The only way officials seem to be responding is by legal threats similar to what Tesla's CEO Elon Musk did threatening to pull out of California. Unfortunately, most small businesses don't have the power and the influence that Elon Musk has and so they become easier targets of control without massive financial resources.

One brave city official in Manhattan Beach Suzanne Hadley suggested the following: 
"If I owned a business I would seriously consider just reopening and rolling the dice. Biz owners need to weigh their risk tolerance of legal action against them--as well as the costs of angering some customers and endearing themselves to others. Tough call. As an elected official I would stand with anyone who chose to reopen."
Class action lawsuits are probably going to be the only solution unfortunately for many things to open up and return to normal. City & public officials are way too risk-averse and seem to be taking a wait and see attitude in California instead of a leadership position. 

Public shaming on social media like Facebook seems to be another solution to get lawmakers to take action on certain issues. City council meetings are virtual now on Zoom or GoToMeeting so its harder for people to discuss public issues in person. However, more people are actually listening to these public meetings now and it is easy to share a video or sound clip after a meeting to spread the word on an issue. 

Public schools are going to be a hot topic of activism in the coming months as we get closer to fall. Making sure your school board is looking at all data sources and are not politically motivated in their decision making is going to be incredibly important. I have seen way too much confirmation bias when making decisions about data and we need to make sure there is a healthy PUBLIC discussion or debate on these issues. 

Get active on social media, write letters and don't be afraid to speak your opinion.  We are all in this together! 

Please submit your comments below or let us know about topics you would like us to cover. 

80% of Health Outcomes Are NOT Due To Medical Factors

The future of healthcare is really going to be driven by our ability to interpret social needs data. Having a guide and more data, so we can understand the patients’ lives beyond the four walls of the hospital.   A patient’s socioeconomic circumstances are the social determinants of health (SDOH).  Where you live also plays a big role in your health outcome and we call this physical environment of health (PEOH).

Eighty percent of what affects health outcomes is associated with factors outside the traditional boundaries of healthcare delivery—health behaviors (tobacco use, sexual activity), social and economic factors (employment, education, income), and physical environment (air quality, water quality). When healthcare delivery systems expand their interactions with people in these territories, now the purview of the public health system, outcomes will improve.

Social & physical determinants of health look at the following factors:
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Financial 
  • Food
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual activity 
  • Social isolation
  • Education
  • Employment 
  • Air quality 
  • Water quality 
  • Access to green space, parksbeaches

The U.S. spends more on healthcare, yet has a lower life expectancy and worse health outcomes, than any other high-income nation according to study from the Commonwealth Fund.   Why the disparity? Other countries have been doing something the U.S. has not—applying public health concepts to chronic disease management.

The economic models of countries such as France, Germany, and Norway align with controlling costs while producing better outcomes. As an illustration, private healthcare spending in the U.S. is five times that of the second-highest spending country (Canada). And despite this astronomical private spend, the U.S. is also third-highest in public spending, despite only covering 34 percent of residents through public programs including Medicare and Medicaid.

Did you know that the USA and New Zealand are also the only Countries that allow big pharma drug advertising on television?  Most of my friends who grew up in England or Australia think the US is nuts for allowing this.

Approximately 3.6 million Americans struggle to access healthcare because they don’t have reliable transportation.

As many as 1 in 8 Americans are food insecure or dependent on a local food bank or meal delivery service, to address gaps in nutrition for better health outcomes.

78% of providers lack the data to identify patients' social needs

Many providers have basic demographic information on their patient populations but are missing the more sophisticated insights that could help them better support patients to prioritize health. So, what should you be looking for?

Here is a service provided by Experian that will give Doctors access to some social data.

How Much $ Does Your State Unemployment Trust Fund Have Left?

Many states entered the crisis with drastically inadequate unemployment compensation trust funds. Trust funds in California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia are nearly or completely gone, with depletion imminent in Connecticut, Texas, Illinois, and Kentucky as well. According to these projections, a dozen states only have enough left in their funds to pay out a month’s worth of benefits based on those who have filed for or are receiving benefits to date; since payments lag claims, it may take an additional week or two for funds to be fully exhausted.

According to the Treasury Department, nine states—California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia—have already been approved for federal loans (called Title XII Advances) in anticipation of the exhaustion of their trust funds. States must repay these advances (with interest starting in 2021), and if they still have outstanding balances after two years, in-state businesses will face higher federal unemployment insurance taxes to compensate for the state being in arrears.

Mandatory business closures and shelter-in-place orders have radically accelerated job losses compared to the steadier pace of layoffs in prior recessions, meaning these claims likely represent a far greater share of the ultimate total than did any week’s claims during the Great Recession. But the numbers are still staggering, with every likelihood of sobering numbers in coming weeks as well.

This interactive tool below allows you to see how the most recent week’s initial unemployment compensation claims in each state compare to average and peak weekly claims during the Great Recession. Most states are woefully unprepared for the magnitude of the challenge ahead. Entering the crisis, 21 states’ unemployment compensation trust funds were below the minimum recommended solvency level to weather a recession. Six states had less than half the minimum recommended amount, representing 37 percent of the U.S. population.

Read Here for How Does Unemployment Insurance Work

Going forward it will be necessary to ensure that (1) those who lose their jobs have access to extended unemployment benefits that allow them to remain home throughout the crisis if they cannot be employed in a sector that is consistent with telework or appropriate social distancing, and (2) the taxes that fund unemployment insurance don’t overly burden businesses struggling to survive. It’s hard to accomplish both aims. To do it, the states will almost certainly require federal assistance. Higher taxes are coming whether you like it or not.

What is the news saying?

There are lots of news articles telling claimants and not to worry.   Here is another article from CNN saying that unemployment benefits will still be paid even if state funds run out.

How are States combating the likely massive unemployment fraud

Schools Could Offer an Online Option in the Fall

Schools Could Offer an Online Option

There will be a small percentage of parents that will refuse to send their kids to school and these parents will try and ruin it for everyone.  We need to provide parents and students with choices and not a classroom where "one size fits all". 

I keep hearing parents talk about the "new normal" and asking what is school going to look like in the Fall?  I frankly don't think school should look any different for students in the classroom.  However, there could be an online option for kids who don't feel comfortable at school. 

There have been studies that show kids don't pass the virus on to adults.  There have been almost zero cases of Covid-19 among young students and there is zero proof that any kids are passing this on to adults.  

If parents are freaked out about their kids getting the virus at school then maybe there should be an online option.  Most parents I speak with (apolitical) want their kids to be in a normal classroom setting in the Fall.  

The risks are far greater of kids developing learning and social disabilities spending too much time on the computer and not interacting with other kids and adults.  I have heard from several parents of kids with ADHD that online school is hurting their kids learning ability.  Kids need to interact and be social because its just what living life is about.  

Life is full of choices and risks.  Walking across the street is a risk and riding your bike to school is a risk.  Sending your kids to school is not a risk in my view.  Yes, kids are going to get sick and this is part of life that you are not going to change.  However, having an online school option will be a huge benefit so they don't just sit at home being sick and fall behind.  

Many schools recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars constructing security fences around perimeters and installed active shoot emergency plans.  This to me is a much higher risk than sending your kids to school who might get a virus that will have almost no harm to kids.  

I also don't think social distancing in the school should be made an issue either.   There is no point shrinking classroom sizes or sending kids to school on random days or odd hours to keep the class sizes smaller.  

I am not in favor of requiring masks for many reasons as doctors say that wearing a mask too long weakens immune systems and you can't breath properly.  This photo below of a Chinese classroom is frightening and in now way do I want our kids going to school in a Communist like environment.  

Having proper ventilation in a classroom is more important than having face masks or face shields.  I think our school boards need to focus on one thing only to open schools.  Ventilation of classrooms.  I don’t think a lot needs to change other than opening windows and doors for fresh air circulation will help a lot with spreading anything.  

Teachers are the one road block in this discussion if they want to come to school or want to provide an additional online environment.  There are many older teachers that probably could retire as a result of this virus and there are plenty of younger teachers willing to step in.  

Teachers unions are a complicated animal also that will likely want to block anything that creates more work or bureaucracy.   If teachers unions were to strike over the additional work or requirement to provide an online classroom alongside their normal classroom that wouldn't look very good right now.  School boards need to act now so teachers can prepare for providing an online environment.  

Having an online option for kids would not be that hard.  I would imagine the average school might have 10-20% of kids who might want to do an online only school.  If a child has a pre-existing condition or medical risk they can stay at home.  A separate classroom or teacher could be dedicated to these kids through the public school system.  This way it would not disrupt the learning environment of kids in a classroom and the teachers would not be distracted with tech support. 

There are lots of tools that are very easy to use like ZoomGoToMeeting and Google Meet where students can interact with the classroom.  Google Classroom also provides an online environment of sharing work and taking tests.  

School boards are going to have to take charge and get their teachers and unions organized now.  They cannot politicize this virus and start redesigning the school system as a result of this crisis.  Herd immunity might be coming soon and it is questionable if a vaccine will ever be ready and even effective.    

The history of vaccines also shows that Government policies based around mandating vaccines are political.  Mandating kids get vaccines to attend school would be a massive mistake and would create a war among parents. 

I am also not in favor of testing kids or taking temperatures of kids entering the school either.  There is simply not enough data to support that kids have any greater risk getting the virus.  Imposing regulations on how kids are sent to school is a very slippery slope of regulation.  

A friend of mine read this and suggested that I need to go live in a "red state" if I want my kids to go back to school.  Hopefully he is wrong but it does concern me that opening of American has become political and only the red states are opening now and the blue states are way behind as of May.   

I think there are going to be lots of class action lawsuits on this issue organizing if blue states don't get their acts together and provide some clarity on their plans.  I could even see a scenario where the Federal Government might have to step in an mandate legislation to open.  

Dr Bryan Ardis - Hospital Protocol Is What Is Murdering "Covid" Flu Patients

New Rental Scams Targeting People Looking For Places To Live

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) said it’s seen a 10% increase in rental scams where fraudsters trick renters into believing they have a unit to rent.

“I recently got scammed out of $2,000 trying to rent an apartment,” she said on the video.

It started last month, when she needed a new apartment.

She found an apartment through an online rental site Zillow. The landlord told her he wasn’t showing the apartment in person, due to coronavirus. Instead he showed her pictures.

Eisenstein signed a lease and paid the landlord $2,200 through a bank transfer.

But when she showed up at the apartment, she learned it was all a scam.

They swipe apartment images from other online listings. The names, pictures, even real estate license numbers that the landlord uses -- those are all stolen, too.

The Better Business Bureau agrees and says here are some red flags that a rental may not be legit.
  • The supposed landlord won’t show the unit in person. 
  • They want you to wire money or pay cash.
  • They offer a below-market price.
  • They want to rent the unit quickly.

Map of Covid-19 Infections by % of Population in Each County

Aggregating data from many different official sources, this source provides a summary of COVID-19 cases in the world at the lowest granularity possible in each country.

Here is another great map of Realtime Corona Virus Maps of Confirmed Cases

What we will learn from these crises is to lock down the vulnerable with pre-existing conditions. Not healthy people. 

Dr Bryan Ardis - Hospital Protocol Is What Is Murdering "Covid" Flu Patients

Microsoft's PC Software Founded on April 4, 1975 Still Cannot Protect You From Viruses 45 Years Later

Is profit or charity motivating Bill Gates to vaccinate the World?  I think Bill Gates has good intentions but the semantics don't look very good right now.

The same man who founded Microsoft and couldn't protect his own PC software company from viruses is trying to vaccinate the World?  Gates made billions of dollars from a planned obsolescence scheme for his Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP, Vista software.

Microsoft generates its revenues from PC sales to the average user once every three years. Corporations and businesses spend millions of dollars to protect and upgrade their Windows environments annually. Protection against viruses is often the primary motivation to upgrade.

Microsoft PC software founded on April 4, 1975, still cannot protect you from a virus almost 45 years later.  Could never plug the holes in its' software that infects millions of computers with viruses each year.  These viruses take over your computer and require you to purchase the upgrade for the next version of the software in order to get rid of all the viruses on your computers.  Billions of dollars were lost as a result of decade long computer pandemic.  

Huge anti-virus computer software companies like Symantec and McAfee were started to stop the spread of Windows PC viruses.  Companies and tech support people made and lost billions of dollars from faulty PC software that couldn't prevent viruses from infiltrating computers.  This was a huge scam based on faulty software.  

Meanwhile, this opened the door for companies like Apple which had a much better method of protecting computers from viruses.  How many viruses have you ever had on your iPad, iPhone or Mac?

I grew up in the Midwest where trust is a huge principle of society.  Bill Gates has not earned my trust based on the way he has built his business over the last 50 years.  I also wrote this post because I can't stand hypocrisy. 

I am not anti-vaccination for the most part.  However, right now I am skeptical of vaccines and think there needs to be a lot more input from many more sources on this issue.

How Widespread Is Unemployment Fraud?

An investigation into possible unemployment benefits fraud related to the coronavirus pandemic is expanding with as many as 2,000 cases in Rhode Island, authorities said.

State and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating fraudulent unemployment insurance claims submitted to the state Department of Labor and Training. The department has received roughly 2,000 reports to date from people who say they have been the victims of “imposter fraud,” agency spokeswoman Angelika Pellegrino said in an email.

If there are 2,000+ fraud cases in Rhode Island, how many fraud cases are there in the United States with 33M unemployed filing claims?   

The State of California is suing Uber and Lyft  

These two companies deny that their drivers are entitled to state unemployment insurance, as well as state-mandated paid sick leave and other employee benefits. The companies are thereby shirking their obligations to their workforce and shifting the burden onto drivers and taxpayers at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Uber and Lyft, in breaking California’s new law designating many workers in the so-called gig economy as employees, are pushing a financial burden onto taxpayers as the firms’ drivers are collecting unemployment benefits from funds the companies have not paid into, California’s Attorney General alleges.

What Do Drivers Think? Preliminary survey results and conversations with drivers overwhelming say 'no'. Is California going too far?

Anyone who believes their personal information has been used to file or secure a false claim is being asked to call the FBI’s or the state Department of Labor and Training.  Submit your FBI Fraud claims here.

PhD Scientist "A Vaccine Could Be Causing The Covid-19 Pandemic"

Judy Mikovits's contrarian view theory is a radically opposing view of current CDC recommendations.  These are not recommendations but simply an opportunity to hear someone who doesn't agree.

LET'S BE CLEAR - Judy does not disagree with all vaccines. However, this virus appears to be derived from a vaccine according to her.

Her credibility is also into question with this story.  Was a Scientist Jailed After Discovering a Deadly Virus Delivered Through Vaccines?  This Snopes article claims Judy Mikovits did not discover a deadly virus delivered through vaccines; she was arrested for allegedly stealing equipment belonging to the Institute that fired her.  This Snopes article could be a fake as Judy does claim in the video that she might have been framed.  Hard to know who to believe.

There are several articles also debunking her claims but they all seem to focus on her credibility and don't really address why her theory could be wrong?

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., spent twenty years at the National Cancer Institute, working with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founding fathers of human retrovirology, and has co-authored more than forty scientific papers.

Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD
YouTube Keeps Removing The Video so Click on Site to Watch

 Judy's 2nd Interview  

 Mikki Willis Producer of Plandemic Video Above

"Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma don't want you to read this book. Get PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION now and learn the truth about public health industrial complex's decades of research fraud and vaccine cover-ups."

Dr. Judy Mikovits is a modern-day Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant researcher shaking up the old boys' club of science with her groundbreaking discoveries. And like many women who have trespassed into the world of men, she uncovered decades-old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried.

From her doctoral thesis, which changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, saving the lives of millions, including basketball great Magic Johnson, to her spectacular discovery of a new family of human retroviruses, and her latest research which points to a new golden age of health, Dr. Mikovits has always been on the leading edge of science.

With the brilliant wit one might expect if Erin Brockovich had a doctorate in molecular biology, Dr. Mikovits has seen the best and worst of science. When she was part of the research community that turned HIV-AIDS from a fatal disease into a manageable one, she saw science at its best. But when her investigations questioned whether the use of animal tissue in medical research was unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases, such as autism and chronic fatigue syndrome, she saw science at its worst. If her suspicions are correct, we are looking at a complete realignment of scientific practices, including how we study and treat human disease.

Recounting her nearly four decades in science, including her collaboration of more than thirty-five years with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founders of the field of human retrovirology, this is a behind the scenes look at the issues and egos which will determine the future health of humanity.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. concludes his foreword to the Plague of Corruption with, "This account by Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively is vitally important both to the health of our children and the vitality of our democracy. My father believed moral courage to be the rarest species of bravery. Rarer even than the physical courage of soldiers in battle or great intelligence. He thought it the one vital quality required to salvage the world. If we are to continue to enjoy democracy and protect our children from the forces that seek to commoditize humanity, then we need courageous scientists like Judy Mikovits who are willing to speak truth to power, even at terrible personal cost."

Please comment below.

(Updated on May 7) Since watching this video I have asked two friends who have had the Covid-19 virus if they had a flu shot.  Both said yes.  2 people getting flu shots and 2 Covid-19 cases do not prove a theory but it begs for more people being asked the same question.

Are nursing homes forcing residents to get flu shots?  Dr. Judy Mikovits did say that if you had the flu shot you’re 36% more likely to get Covid-19.

Please comment below if you have had the flu shot recently and tested positive for the virus.

Related Article: 

Spike in Flu Shot Deaths Begs Skepticism 

How Many Have Been Tested for Coronavirus in the USA?

Number of People Tested for Coronavirus in the United States Chart

Number of Tests Per 1,000 for Coronavirus Chart

Total Covid-19 Test Per 1,000 People 

What can data on testing tell us about the pandemic?

Testing data provides us with two indicators of the quality of data on COVID-19

No country knows the true number of people infected with COVID-19. All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested.

The total number of people that have tested positive – the number of confirmed cases – is not the total number of people who have been infected. The true number of people infected with COVID-19 is much higher.

Whilst there is no way to infer the true number of infections from testing data, it can help give us a strong indication of the quality of a country’s data on the pandemic and an idea of how informative the number of confirmed cases in a country may be.

Testing coverage

The chart here shows a measure of testing coverage – tests per thousand people.

Countries are reporting testing data in different ways: some report the number of tests, others report the number of people tested. This distinction is important – people may be tested many times, and the number of tests a person has is likely to vary across countries.

Across different countries, we see an enormous range in testing coverage. In Iceland there have been more than 100 tests per thousand people – far more than in any other country. In Indonesia, testing coverage is very low – only 0.1 tests per thousand people.

Generally, we would expect that more testing means more reliable data on confirmed cases, for two reasons.

Firstly, a greater degree of testing provides us with a larger ‘sample’ of people for which their infection status is known. If everybody was tested, we would know the true number of people who are infected.

Secondly, it may be the case that countries with a high capacity for testing do not need to ration tests as much. Where the capacity for testing is low, tests may be reserved (or ‘rationed’) for particularly high-risk groups. Such rationing is one of the reasons that tested people are not representative of the wider population.

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