Glenn Beck SNAPS Over Democrat Corruption

When will people start going to jail? Glenn has had enough of exposing scandal after scandal, just for everyone to look the other way: Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's emails, Joe and Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine and China...the list goes on, but no consequences are ever paid. So while the mainstream media has called the election for Joe Biden, and insists no one can question it, Glenn gives a rallying cry to conservatives. Many of the over 71 million people who voted for President Trump are split between frustration and an urge to do something. The multiple allegations of election fraud are largely out of our hands, and Donald Trump's legal team must be allowed to go through the process to ensure our voting systems are fair. But that doesn't mean we have to sit on our hands.

Pennsylvania Senate Election Fraud Hearing Video

682,770 mail-in ballots entered into the voting system without observation in Allegany County and Philadelphia. 22,686 mail-in ballots were returned on the day they were mailed.  PA sent out 1,823,848 absentee mail-in ballots.  PA received back 1,400,000 ballots yet counted 2,589,842 mail-in ballots.  How does this happen? 8,000+ votes were submitted by dead people.  Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to speak on election fraud before Pennsylvania state Senate Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, will present the campaign's case on election fraud during a Pennsylvania state Senate hearing.  The state legislature controls the election and must certify the results.  Watch Greg Stenstrom's testimony at 30 minutes in where he claims 50,000 Biden votes were uploaded on USB cards.

Wisconsin Had a 143,379 Vote Dump at 3:42 AM

Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!

Why Trump Will Not Concede The Election

How Many State Legislatures Are Controlled by Republicans?

Party control of legislatures
Republican-controlled legislatures29
Democratic-controlled legislatures19
Split legislatures[1]2
StateState executiveLegislature nameLower houseUpper house
NameParty strengthTerm
NameParty strengthTerm
AlabamaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 75–28, 1 vac4State SenateR 27–84
AlaskaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesCoalition 23 (15D, 6R, 2 ind)–17R2SenateR 13–74
ArizonaGovernorState LegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 31-292SenateR 17–132
ArkansasGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 76–25, 2 vac2SenateR 26–94
CaliforniaGovernorState Legislature[nb 1]State AssemblyD 61–17, 1 ind, 1 vac2State SenateD 29–114
ColoradoGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 41–242SenateD 19–164
ConnecticutGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 91–602SenateD 22–142
DelawareGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 26–152SenateD 12–94
FloridaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 72–46, 2 vac2SenateR 23–174
GeorgiaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 105–752State SenateR 35–212
HawaiiGovernorState LegislatureHouse of RepresentativesD 46–52SenateD 24–14
IdahoGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 56–142SenateR 28–72
IllinoisGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 73–44, 1 vac2SenateD 40–192 or 4
IndianaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 66–33, 1 vac2SenateR 40–104
IowaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 53–472SenateR 32–184
KansasGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 84–412SenateR 29–114
KentuckyGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 62–382SenateR 28–104
LouisianaGovernorState Legislature[nb 2]House of RepresentativesR 68–35, 2 ind4State SenateR 27–124
MaineGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesD 87–56, 6 ind, 2 vac2SenateD 21–142
MarylandGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of DelegatesD 99–424SenateD 32–14, 1 vac4
MassachusettsGovernorGeneral CourtHouse of RepresentativesD 127–31, 1 ind, 1 vac2SenateD 36–42
MichiganGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 58–51, 1 vac2SenateR 22–164
MinnesotaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesD 75–55, 4 New Rep2SenateR 35–322, 4, 4
MississippiGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 73–45, 1 Ind, 3 vac4State SenateR 34-16, 2 vac4
MissouriGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 113–48, 2 vac2SenateR 23–8, 3 vac4
MontanaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 58–422SenateR 30–204
NebraskaGovernorLegislatureLegislature[nb 3]R 30–18, 1 ind[nb 4]4
NevadaGovernorLegislatureAssemblyD 29–132SenateD 13–84
New HampshireGovernorGeneral CourtHouse of RepresentativesD 231–158, 1 ind, 10 vac2SenateD 14–102
New JerseyGovernorLegislatureGeneral AssemblyD 52–282SenateD 25–152, 4, 4
New MexicoGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesD 45–24, 1 vac2SenateD 26–164
New YorkGovernorLegislatureState AssemblyD 103–42, 1 ind, 4 vac2State SenateD 40–20, 3 vac2
North CarolinaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 65–552SenateR 29–212
North DakotaGovernorLegislative AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 79–154SenateR 37–104
OhioGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 61–382SenateR 24–94
OklahomaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 77–23, 1 vac2SenateR 38–9, 1 vac4
OregonGovernorLegislative AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 38–222State SenateD 18–124
PennsylvaniaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 109–93, 1 vac2State SenateR 28–21, 1 ind4
Rhode IslandGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 66–8, 1 ind2SenateD 33–52
South CarolinaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 78–45, 1 vac2SenateR 27–194
South DakotaGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 59–112SenateR 30–52
TennesseeGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesR 73–262SenateR 28–54
TexasGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 83–672SenateR 19–124
UtahGovernorState Legislature[nb 5]House of RepresentativesR 59–162SenateR 23–64
VermontGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesD 95–43, 7 P, 5 ind2SenateD 22–6, 2 P2
VirginiaGovernorGeneral AssemblyHouse of DelegatesD 55–44, 1 vac2SenateD 21–194
WashingtonGovernorState Legislature[nb 6]House of RepresentativesD 57–412State SenateD 29–204
West VirginiaGovernorLegislatureHouse of DelegatesR 58–41, 1 ind2SenateR 20–144
WisconsinGovernorLegislatureState AssemblyR 63–34, 2 vac2State SenateR 18–13, 2 vac4
WyomingGovernorLegislatureHouse of RepresentativesR 50–9, 1 Ind2SenateR 27–34

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