Worldwide Pro Choice Protests Against Vaccine Mandates & Passes

150,000+ people across France protested against a bill requiring everyone to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all health care workers. Police fired water cannons and tear gas on rowdy protesters in Paris.
Thousands of people demonstrated in Athens, Greece and other Greek cities over plans to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all health workers. Hundreds of people marched in Cape Town, South Africa to protest against the COVID-19 vaccines. They say they want their constitutional right to freedom of association respected. They have decried, what they say is information censorship against voices that do not accept the dominant narrative on COVID-19 and vaccines. "We say 'No to the Green Pass' because it creates A series citizens and B series citizens. Citizens who have rights and citizens who have no rights. This is against the Italian Constitution. It is a liberticidal and undemocratic measure," one protester argued in Italy. Biden’s motorcade is met with jeers and middle fingers at his visit to Allentown, PA Thousands of protesters took to streets in Sydney, Australia demanding an end to lockdown enforcement. Protesters violated Covid restrictions, chanting slogans of ‘freedom’ in an area that was declared a Covid hotspot. While anti-vaccination sentiments were at the forefront in Brisbane, Melbourne protests echoed with anti-lockdown slogans.Protest against Trinity Health vaccine mandate in Grand Rapids, Michigan Hundreds of hospital workers showed up at the state Capitol on Wednesday to protest two of the largest health care providers in Arizona mandating getting vaccinated.California’s Capitol was buzzing Monday with people protesting a bill that would make it harder to get a medical exemption for vaccinating their children. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines – some people are hospitalized, some even die. Immunization is our best protection against these diseases.

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