Why Are So Many People Agreeing to Get COVID Tests?

stop testing for COVID
If people stopped getting tested for the virus, the positive case numbers would go down and the media would have less ammunition to fear-monger. 

My genuine question to those of you that are getting tested: Why are you getting tested given that the tests are: 1) Incredibly inaccurate. 2) The government is keeping a database of 'positive' people.

There are some workplaces that require it, and schools/universities, of course! Lots of people, particularly students, don't have a choice. There are also hypochondriacs getting tested over and over, and anyone who blows off contact tracers is assumed to be positive.

What is scary to me is the number of states (New York being the largest and most recent) to mandate being tested for traveling. This horrific practice may be more of a freedom threat than masks. Not even lord Newsom and daddy Inslee or even Whitmer have mandated such garbage. First, it will be a few states, then all flights, then all travel. I think more resistance to this needs to happen. 

I will not get tested unless they test me by force. 

Covid testing is also becoming a big business and makes me even more skeptical. 

Elon Musk is a Great Example of Why Everyone Should Stop Testing

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