Facebook's COVID Vaccine FactCheck.org Funded By J&J

Facebook's independent fact-checker might not be so independent after all. US Congressman's questioned the partiality, Fact Check dot org, which is supposed to tackle vaccine disinformation because it's indirectly funded by jab manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

Who pays the paychecks of the fact-checkers? The vaccine fact-checkers at Fact Check dot org, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company and is run by a former director of the Center for Disease Control.

The fact-checking account responded to accusations by making clear its funding sources. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is one of those benefactors billions and owns billions in Johnson & Johnson stock. The foundation's CEO is Richard Besser who is a former acting Director for the Center for Disease Control. Yet Fact Check dot org claims there' no interference in its editorial decisions and the Foundation's views aren't necessarily reflected in its decisions. But author and liberal studies expert Michael Rectenwald believes such connections pose risks to the public.

This absolute collusion on the part of vaccine manufacturers having funded the fact-checkers on social media. So we're actually getting to the point where people's lives are being endangered. We've lost all confidence in social media and our mainstream media entirely. Anything that comes into contradiction with the Leftist's agenda is deemed misinformation. People are now not able to get information about what's best for their health. Including the detriments of the vaccine.

Factcheck.org funded by J&J


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