Larry Elder Vows To Reverse Vaccine, Mask Mandates

Larry Elder saves California

Elder said he believes vaccines work and that he’s gotten a shot, but has throughout the campaign emphasized his belief that freedom is important.

California governor candidate Larry Elder is vowing to reverse any COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates Gov. Gavin Newsom has put in place if he’s chosen to replace the Democrat.

Elder told reporters on Aug. 13 that he saw the possibility of fresh mandates being issued by Newsom and other officials in California.

“If I become governor, when I become governor, assuming there are mandates for masks and statewide mandates for vaccines, they will be suspended right away. This is America. We have freedom in America. Virtually anyone in California who wants to be vaccinated can do so,” Elder said during a press conference, local media reported.

Newsom, in his first term, is facing a recall election.

Voters are slated to head to the polls on Sept. 14. Some have already received mail-in ballots.

Voters can choose to recall Newsom. If they do, they’ll also select who would replace him.

Elder, an EpochTV host, is the leading GOP candidate in the recall race, according to several polls.

Newsom last week ordered teachers and other school employees to either get a COVID-19 vaccine or get tested regularly for COVID-19, several weeks after he issued a similar order for state and health care workers.

Newsom responded last week to Elder’s pledge during a recent press conference.

“Day one, he proudly states, as do all the other Republican candidates, day one, they proudly state, day one, that they would eliminate any mask requirements in our public schools to keep our kids safe and healthy and in-person to get the social, emotional support they deserve. Day one he would repeal that as he would repeal any requirement for vaccine verifications, including [for] health care workers,” he told reporters.

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