Joe Rogan & CNN’s & Sanjay Gupta on Vaccinating Children

Joe Rogan challenged Dr Sanjay Gupta on why parents are not concerned that their children should be vaccinated.

Rogan pressed Gupta on why CNN lied about him taking a “horse dewormer,” and Gupta couldn’t provide any real answer. That’s because he couldn’t say the honest fact: It serves our political narrative that we were pushing. Gupta said he didn’t know why the network did it, and didn’t bother to question that. Rogan said he was prescribed ivermectin by a doctor, which has been used, beneficially, by people around the world. While there’s a veterinary version of the drug, that’s not what Rogan took and ivermectin is a drug people use.

Rogan just exposed how empty and false Gupta and CNN were with all this.

But you wouldn’t know it, if you listened to the spin that CNN subsequently gave about the interview.

CNN’s Don Lemon tried to smooth things over for Gupta and justify the lies that CNN had told about Rogan. 

The problem with this effort at spin, they said that Rogan took the horse dewormer, which is demonstrably false and they leave out that yes, it’s a “people drug” that has been used by billions and even won a Nobel Prize for the guy who discovered it for the benefit to human medicine. It’s been used all over the world.

Here’s a sample where not only does CNN’s Jim Acosta lie about what Joe Rogan said, but the chyron lies as well, saying that Rogan said he took the “horse dewormer.”

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