Unvaxxed LAUSD Teacher Reporting From Behind Enemy Lines

I decided to provide an update on the situation at the school that I will be leaving today because some interesting things are going on. A meeting was held with the entire organization this week. I called in sick that day since I want to use up some of my sick days, but while I was out a lot of changes were announced.

More teachers and staff than I expected are leaving after today. So many teachers and other employees are leaving that they have to make drastic changes to the organizational structure of the entire company. Classrooms are being combined with one another because there will now be a lack of teachers. Also, because enrollment has dropped and continues to drop, due to vaxx mandates no doubt, they are firing a large amount of staff due to budget shortages.

To sum it up, the school is in chaos. They are losing massive amounts of money, over $1 million in just the special ed budget alone. I have no idea how much they are losing in total, but it is likely several million dollars. People are fleeing the school district in large numbers. Schools are scrambling to find replacements. Staffing companies that provide substitutes are stretched extremely thin, and there aren't many prospective employees who want to work in LAUSD.

I can't help but feel a small amount of schadenfeude. I feel bad for the people who are left to deal with the fallout, but they should have resisted the mandates when they had the chance. Now, the entire district is in turmoil with no easy solutions to their problems. The sad thing is that it will be the students who will suffer the most. Not only did they have a disaster of a school year during distance learning, where many students fell massively behind, now they will have to go get through a school year with long term subs and other temporary staff.

Anyways, I'm glad I'm getting out now, some of the other teachers have told me that I'm leaving at a good time. Thanks for reading, say a prayer for all the students who will have to suffer through another difficult school year.

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