The Cult of Covid

It really seems the cult and its followers is cracking. #CultofCovid

The insanity of the decisions are the rules being imposed are purely based on politics and not science. 

If you give into tyranny, even just a little bit, be prepared the Covid Cult, the destruction of our economy, society and living standards is on you all.

Let me be your guide out of the cult. We can de-program brainwashed individuals one after another.

Speaking of which, if you haven't see the Project Veritas videos. Go and watch them. It will make you regret your actions. However, don't get down on yourself. You were fooled by unethical scientists - they admit they are deceiving you on camera.

To show you the lengths that people will go to pledge their allegiance to this cult, I present a classic case for future generations to use as education on delusion.

Cult members make up any information they can to support the hysteria of the cult.

With the absence of any real evidence, they make up their own surveys.

On one of my amazing business posts, a brainwashed individual gave me a dressing down (as best as he could, I was unimpressed though). His piece de resistance was a claim that everyone here didn't want to talk about the most important human rights and issues in democracy today.

They lie. Try to trick and fool people. And yet, not only do the cultists believe their own lies, they want everyone else to believe their lies. This is the problem with blind loyalty and allegiance.

You will bypass any notion of ethical behavior (if you ever had any), go out of your way to moralize and pontificate to others, and do it without any sense of shame.

This is what a cult looks like.
this is what a cult looks like

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