15 things everyone needs to know about COVID and how to treat it

Steve Kirsch treatment tips
  1. Avoid all the COVID vaccines, even Novavax. Just say no. It’s not for anyone. No exceptions. The data shows that these vaccines kill more people than they save. You can end up dead or disabled or with a compromised immune system for the rest of your life. For kids, for example, we will kill over 100 kids to save 1 life from COVID. These are the most dangerous vaccines ever deployed; 800x more deadly than the smallpox vaccine. Novavax has a much better safety profile than the current vaccines, but there may be serious longer term risks here that we need to quantify. It’s not their fault… the spike protein is particularly toxic because it was designed to be toxic (I’m friends with Li-Meng Yan; we talk). The experts I work with say “not enough data.” So our advice is let’s wait for the data and use early treatment in the meantime. You can never unvaccinate yourself and right now early treatments are a great solution with higher efficacy and known safety.
  2. If you get COVID, start early treatment ASAP as soon as you have symptoms. Early treatment is much safer and there is a much lower chance of long haul COVID, MIS-C, and adverse events. See my treatment advice for details; many options are available without a doctor or prescription. The immunity you acquire from getting the real virus is both robust and durable.
  3. Make sure you have your early treatment drugs already in your house so you can start treatment as soon as you have symptoms.
  4. If you aren’t sure you have COVID, you can get a PCR test, but these can be inaccurate. If you have symptoms, you can use a home test kit such as the binax now kit (Note: they will not work unless you currently are symptomatic, so don’t use these kits for employer screening; it’s a complete waste of money).
  5. The mainstream media wants to keep you in the dark about the truth about these vaccines so they only tell you one side of the story and they censor competent speakers on the other side. This is why you will never see Peter McCullough on CNN, in the NY Times, etc. They will never sponsor a debate between the top experts on both sides because that would destroy the false narrative and damage the reputation of the mainstream media. So they have to tell only one side of the narrative.
  6. The whole pandemic response was unnecessary. The lockdowns, social distancing, masking, business restrictions, etc. We knew back in March 2020 that a cocktail of repurposed drugs given early could keep people out of the hospital and turn COVID into a mild cold with no long-term side effects.
  7. The NIH is deliberately suppressing early treatments that work like fluvoxamine, ivermectin, vitamin D, inhaled budesonide, etc. Even after fluvoxamine was proven in a large Phase 3 clinical trial with an incredible 12X reduction in hospitalization, the NIH did nothing. Absolutely nothing. They do not want you to know about fluvoxamine. When Fareed and Tyson tried to get the NIH and FDA’s attention in March 2020 on their protocol which has a 99.76% risk reduction (better than anything else), they were ignored.
  8. Masks don’t work. It is political theater to prove they can use fear to get you to do nonsensical things. Nobody will debate my team on this because it would destroy their argument.
  9. Never trust the CDC, FDA, NIH, and medical community again. This is the most dangerous vaccine in human history and the CDC couldn’t find a single safety signal (it was the DoD that spotted myocarditis). The NIH is sand-bagging early treatment. The mainstream medical community is basically believing everything the FDA and CDC are telling them without bothering to double-check anything.
  10. Avoid the hospital. If you do get hospitalized, refuse intubation and remdesivir. Get a court order to get cyproheptadine, fluvoxamine, and/or ivermectin. You will need a court order because all hospitals will refuse these proven treatments. See the list of hospitalized treatment protocols.
  11. They could end vaccine hesitancy worldwide anytime they wanted. All they have to do is agree to a single 3 hour debate. But none of the so-called experts who claim the vaccines are safe will debate our team. This is because they know they will lose. So they must ignore and censor us. Their unwillingness to have a fair scientific discussion with experts on both sides tells you everything you need to know about who has the better argument.
  12. If you maintain very high levels of Vitamin D, you can greatly reduce your chance of getting sick from COVID. It’s the simplest thing to do and it is safe and effective. There’s a strong correlation between your vitamin D level and your risk of dying from COVID-19. At a level of 17 ng/mL, the death rate is nearly 100%. At a level of 35 ng/mL, the death rate is near zero. It is inexplicable that the medical community and/or NIH isn’t telling people this.
  13. Fluvoxamine is highly effective if you get COVID. The best dose is 50mg twice a day for 14 days. Take it as soon as you have symptoms. The side effect profile is near zero as long as you avoid coffee. If you can’t get fluvoxamine, you can use 30mg once a day of fluvoxetine. Both drugs work for hospitalized patients as well. Many other drugs are very effective. See my treatment advice for details.
  14. The single best drug if you get COVID is Interferon Lambda, but it is not FDA approved; it is available only in clinical trials. It works because it replaces the interferon that the virus disables when it attacks you. D-dimer is greatly reduced in the treatment group… this is very telling.
  15. The reason all this happened is that people don't double-check authorities. They believe the authorities, and it creates a domino effect. They aren't inherently evil, just trusting the wrong people. They think I'm an evil person because I disagree with the authorities. I disagree because the data doesn’t support what we are being told. Few people (especially doctors) have the time/expertise to understand/analyze VAERS. We haven't found *anyone* in the world who is able to "correct" our calculation. But as long as people think we are misinformation spreaders, nobody listens to us. Most people will make decisions based on the # of “experts” supporting a viewpoint, not by looking at the data directly; few people have the time and expertise to do that. I did that in early May, 2021 and here is the first article I wrote at the time (Should you get vaccinated?) after I was convinced the vaccines were causing harm. I lost a lot of friends after writing that article, but it was the right thing to do and I don’t regret it. I think I’ve made more than 100X new friends by standing up for science and truth. I also found a very odd asymmetry… everyone on our side will happily engage the other side in a discussion on the merit, but not vice versa. They just want to tell us we are wrong, but will not explain to us why we are wrong (since they don’t know).

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