Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Lied & Pushed Misinformation Months Ago

Pfizer CEO is publically commenting about stopping the spread of vaccine misinformation.

The irony: months back Pfizer CEO touted their product had 84% efficacy at 6 months from the 2nd shot. This info was then echoed by the government to push mandates with the vaccine being so effective.

Israel and other countries do large-scale independent testing and find Pfizer to have 16%-20% efficacy at 6 months from the 2nd dose. It's the exact reason that Israel pushed for boosters asap.

Now the US government is pushing boosters and admitting the vaccine wains way quicker than initially thought.

Where did Pfizer get this info? It was clear misinformation was being pushed by the manufacturers to sell their product and they aren't being held accountable.

How many Americans got the Pfizer jab after reading these stats? Thinking it would be 2 jabs and they're good for well over 6 months. Now they are being told they will need boosters every 4-6 months.

Soon we will follow Israel's move and double jabbed Americans past 6 months won't even be counted as vaccinated.

Pfizer loves this. Every jab is money in their pockets.

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