Fluvoxamine To Treat COVID: what you need to know

Steve Kirsch Fluvoxamine

Kirsch said that his attempts to promote fluvoxamine are being curtailed. He says that Facebook took down one of his posts announcing his appearance on 60 Minutes. The post read: "I will be featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday talking about fluvoxamine as an effective treatment for COVID-19 to prevent hospitalization and death. Please watch and tell your friends!"

Doctors who have used fluvoxamine in the US and other countries swear by it.

There are a few doctors who stopped using it due to side effects. This was likely due to 1) using a dosage higher than 50mg twice a day and/or 2) not telling the patient to lay off the caffeine.

Drug has been proven to work in every trial it has been tested in, including outpatient and inpatient studies.

There is zero evidence fluvoxamine does nothing or is harmful. Zero. All the trials have been positive.

NIH and WHO refuse to acknowledge it works since it will cause vaccine hesitancy if it is known that there is a drug that turns COVID into a mild disease. That’s why they didn’t change their recommendation when the Phase 3 trial was published in Lancet. I fully expected both organizations to do absolutely nothing. They knew in advance it was coming and on the day the paper was published they ignored it entirely.

There are 4 outpatient studies that have been done (2 at WashU, 1 in Brazil, and one in Croatia). Three have been reported out: all that have reported were successful. The WashU Phase 3 study hasn’t been disclosed yet, but they had compliance problems with their patients this time around (phase 2 was local so the patients were very compliant).

My favorite dosage is 50mg twice a day for 14 days. This was shown to be very tolerable (no side effects in 99% of patients) and extremely effective (no hospitalizations and death if you start it ASAP after first symptoms). This is what the Seftel trial at Golden Gate fields used.

No long haul symptoms if you start the drug ASAP after first symptoms. P value was 10^-14 on that one. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Lancet paper showed that if you were treated early enough and took the drug as prescribed (it only works if you take it), it was shown to reduce your chance of death by 12X making it far more effective than any other drug for COVID.

If you take fluvoxamine, please avoid caffeine while on the drug. You will be wired for 24 hours if you don’t heed my advice.

You can use fluvoxetine as well (aka Prozac). Dosage there is 30mg once a day. Some countries don’t have fluvoxamine so this is the alternative.

Fluvoxamine works on hospitalized patients too, but no US hospital will let you use it (sound familiar? just like ivermectin). Reason is the hospital gets release from liability if they follow NIH guidelines. NIH doesn’t want you to get the drug since it would compete with Molnupiravir, so fluvoxamine will never make the NIH guidelines.

Fluvoxamine is way better than Molnupiravir, but the NIH doesn’t approve drugs on effectiveness. It’s whether Merck can make a killing that matters. Think about it … Molnupiravir has a 50% risk reduction whereas fluvxoamine is over 90%. Fluvoxamine has a 40 year safety track record. Molnupiravir followed patients for only 30 days because they know the drug is dangerous. The NIH picks the drug that makes the most money for the drug companies regardless of long-term safety… Molnupiravir!

All this was known back in January 2021 when a key opinion leader panel of experts from NIH, CDC, FDA, academia, and journal editors voted by over 2:1 to recommend that fluvoxamine be recommended to physicians to discuss with patients. All the medical journals refused to publish the meeting notes (rejected by 6 journals). Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s like ivermectin. Same deal.

If you ask your doctor for any evidence that fluvoxamine doesn’t work or is harmful (like a DB-RCT which is the only thing they trust), they will show you nothing. But they will refuse to give it to you even after being proven in a Phase 3 trial that was approved by the WHO. It used to be that a Phase 3 study would do it. No more. It’s all about NIH saying it is OK.

Most doctors won’t use it until NIH greenlights it, no matter what the science says. Medicine today isn’t about saving your life. It is about following orders and making money for the drug companies and protecting the doctor from liability and losing his medical license.

I’m sorry to sound so cynical. I’m just telling you the truth. I learned this the hard way. Fauci wants the vaccine to be the only option, Cliff Lane works for Fauci, and Cliff follows his orders. This is why Cliff doesn’t talk to me.

And he won’t talk to you either if you ask nosy questions like “Cliff, my risk benefit analysis shows you should be rushing to recommend this drug. Can I see your risk-benefit analysis?”

Note: normally I have lots of hyperlinks to all the sources, but I’m pressed for time. My website www.skirsch.io has tons of info on fluvoxamine with all the links.

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