Why Is Medical Corruption Being Ignored? 12 Examples

medical corruption

Steve Kirsh's newsletter - I thought I'd start a list to capture what is going on. Nobody in the mainstream medical community seems to mind these abuses. They are remaining silent, so I guess these are all OK nowadays.

  1. Jessica Rose’s paper exposing how dangerous vaccine-induced myocarditis was “temporarily removed” by the publisher of the journal over the objections of the Editor and everyone else. The reason is given: “it wasn’t an invited paper.” That is incorrect since the Editor was the one that handled the paper. It is still removed as of this writing. I don’t think it will ever be re-instated.

  2. Fluvoxamine was shown in a large Phase 3 clinical trial to reduce death from COVID by 12X. This is the most effective drug ever discovered for COVID. Nothing else has a better effect size. All the earlier trials were 100% successful. It even works in hospitalized patients. The FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO all ignored it. Stunning, but totally expected. It only works if it is from a major US drug company. Repurposed drugs don’t count.

  3. Article in the BMJ shows the corruption of the Pfizer clinical trials depended on by the FDA to justify drug approval. Ignored by the ACIP committee doing the approval on the same day the story hit. They didn’t even mention it. The article noted that even after Pfizer knew about the corruption, they awarded the company four more contracts.

  4. Researchers have to sue the FDA to see the Pfizer data (story and lawsuit). Nobody is revealing the data like they are supposed to do. I wonder why?

  5. Maddie de Garay is paralyzed for life in the Pfizer 12-15 clinical trial. It is reported in the trial results as mild abdominal pain. FDA agrees to investigate but does nothing. No warning is ever given to parents that the vaccine can permanently cripple their child. Nobody seems to mind that the FDA and CDC never investigated it. Mainstream media ignores the story.

  6. One of the world’s top epidemiologists wrote a paper that points out cracks in the false narrative. It easily passes peer review and the publisher tells him it will be published. It is never published.

  7. Fluvoxamine was recommended to be used by doctors on a shared decision-making basis against COVID by a panel of key opinion leaders by more than a 2:1 margin. Written up in Washington Post op-ed. Seven medical journals refuse to publish the meeting notes (after taking months to give an answer). It’s still unpublished. So nobody will know.

  8. The CDC still claims they haven’t found a causal link between death and the COVID vaccines even though autopsy results show definitively that the vaccines are killing people (see this article and this confirmation by other German pathologists).

  9. The CDC still claims that the spike protein is harmless despite numerous peer reviewed papers showing the opposite.

  10. The CDC and NIH ignore ivermectin despite multiple peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta analyses showing it works. Not only that, they go out of their way to make it hard to get and the AMA recommends people not use it. But this is the highest level of evidence medicine! They aren’t walking the talk for this drug.

  11. Paul Offit and others on the FDA and CDC panel say there are more cases of myocarditis from COVID than from the vaccines. After he’s conclusively shown to be wrong, he doesn’t acknowledge it.

  12. And my personal favorite is that everyone ignores my analysis of the VAERS data showing 150,000 deaths from the vaccine. They told me “it isn’t peer reviewed.” But it is. Lots of my peers have reviewed it and found it very solid. But there are other papers that are peer reviewed and published that show the same result (which I cite at the start). So if I’m wrong about the 150,000 deaths (which I showed 8 different ways), then why won’t anyone show me their “correct” analysis of the data we have? Whenever I ask that question, I get silence. Every time. Nobody in the medical community likes reading stuff that goes against their belief system it seems.

What’s sad is that all of the above corruptions are unambiguous, but leading medical “authorities” are silent on all of them.

I’m sure I missed a lot of things. Please comment below about your favorite example of the corruption of science.

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