Spike Protein Inside Nucleus Enhancing DNA Damage?

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek
COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 18

This video discusses a new surprise discovery (yet to be confirmed by other scientists) that SARS-CoV-2 full-length spike protein can enter human cell nuclei and interfere with the fixing of broken DNA damage. The authors of the study propose this might have been evolved in order to prevent genetic recombination required to produce antibody variety to successfully attack the virus. If true, and if this could have important implications for potential negative health outcomes and might require reconfiguration of vaccine design.

So apparently: the spike proteins enter the cell nucleus, destroy DNA, destroy the ability to fix DNA, a massive increase in cancer? the reason for endless booster shots?

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00:00 Dr Mikolaj Raszek, Phd from Merogenomics 

00:09 The latest widest news in Molecular Microbiology

00:33 WHO? Swedish research shows spike protein enters nucleus in human cells (in vitro)

00:57 this is of course, biologically verboten (*German for STRICTLY FORBIDDEN) 

01:04 WHAT? *Discovery* Spike protein inhibits proper fixing of broken DNA

01:18 Specifics: double stranded breaks where both strands are broken

01:33 HOW? *Mechanism 1* suspected interference with BRCA1 gene product’s ability to repair DNA

01:48 Consequence: if BRCA1 is mutated though, then you have highest predisposition for Cancer development precisely because BRCA1 gene codes for proteins that fix DNA damage when sheared in half

02:14 Significance: Consequences are so great if true that it should be double checked, verified and reinvestigated

2:42 Call for a lot more studies: Revalidation

2:51 HOW? *Mechanism 2* Spike also interferes with mysterious nuclear protein 53BP1 which may serve to prevent DNA breaks from re-ligating to other DNA sources ensuring 2 chromosomes don’t link together that aren’t supposed to. 

4:21 HOW? *Mechanism 3* Perhaps spike in Nuclei interferes with Immune cells’ mechanisms (eg.BRCA1 and 53BP1) and diversity of response to infections. 

4:42 *TAKEAWAY* What if Spike protein evolved as a mutagen for DNA – what would implications be for a vaccine that’s primary focus was to produce Spike? 

5:32 CONTEXT: Recent discovery that Spikes may circulate for months on end in Exosomes to different parts of the body and in theory enter cells well after the point of vaccination as COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 16 discussed

06:15 CONTEXT: DNA gets 70k lesions/day /cell! But only 25 are double stranded shearing damages

07:25 IMPLICATIONS: So within this context, what are the chances circulating spike proteins could enter and damage DNA and predispose to cancer? In cancer, it takes months for damage to accumulate and cause symptoms. Therefore…

7:45 IMPLICATION: *Vaccine Safety* Are vaccines “SAFE”? What is vaccine “Safety”? Only Time can/will tell.

8:07 IMPLICATION: Yes, Vaccines don’t produce dangerous clinical symptoms in the first few months BUT we don’t know what they do in very long-term basis so can we call them safe? 

8:34 HOW? *Mechanism 4*  Vaccines use FULL length of spike protein thus  produces whole protein in body.  Prior to vaccinations some scientists mentioned that FULL protein length of Spike protein was dangerous

9:16 IMPLICATION: *Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE* could occur with use of full length of Spike protein

10:27: AUTHORS’ RECOMMENDATION: Not to use full length of spike protein but only the Receptor Binding Domain or RBD portion for vaccines

10:41 Explanation: RBD 

11:29: *TAKE AWAY* *Vaccine Safety* This shows how Vaccines are still uncharacterized on what they might be doing at the molecular level once injected in us. 

11:52 Spike protein also uncharacterized post-infection (but learning lots now).

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