Facebook Bans Ads Questioning Safety Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg had enough of being dragged in front of Congress and hectored by a gang of senior citizens, and listening to the ACLU leader slam his business as a vessel for violent hate speech. Since Facebook has done a full 180 on its stance on speech, especially sensitive political speech, over the past few months. Apparently, Zuckerberg was shaken by his non-interventionist stance by declaring that during the last week of the campaign, FB would not allow new political advertising, and only yesterday by declaring that Facebook would clamp down on its site on holocaust deniers.

Salvos against QAnon and electoral disinformation have also been launched by the organization, thus taking an active approach to political advertisements and political material in general. 

And as global authorities try to persuade the public that, despite the expedited approval process, a potential COVID-19 vaccine would be safe to take, Facebook has agreed to give them a hand by deleting all material that allows users to refuse to take a vaccine. In a blog post published Tuesday, it set out the latest global agenda.

Facebook would draw the line and enable users who argue against "mandatory vaccination," a valid political stance the company said was (not a claim made in "poor faith" as some on the left insist), and post as usual. They quoted an instance of a Virginia state lawmaker who posted "STOP FORCED CORONAVIRUS VACCINATIONS."

Although the above advertising will be permissible under the new legislation, it will forbid advertisements that directly prevent people from taking vaccines by presenting the vaccines as ineffective or dangerous. 

"If a vaccine is specifically prevented by an ad that advocates for/against legislation or government policy, it will be refused," a CNBC spokesperson wrote. "That includes presenting vaccines as useless, ineffective, dangerous or unhealthy, describing vaccines for diseases as harmless, or as harmful or deadly ingredients in vaccines." 

Facebook also plans to push recommendations on how and when to get the flu vaccine for all individuals.

There is no coincidence with the timing. Analysts at Goldman Sachs wrote in a recent research note that confidence in the vaccine may be a significant obstacle to its eventual eradication. "We agree that the greatest obstacle will be to persuade the broad population to take the vaccine to effectively minimize the burden of disease and virus circulation to very low levels. Our basic case assumes such large acceptance, but this will probably entail a safe and very efficient vaccine, faith in the mechanism of approval and rollout, no out-of-pocket costs, and efficient public and community campaigns."

And news about JNJ 's recent halt was definitely not encouraging, especially because the public was still not aware of what was going on in the US with the halted AstraZeneca-Oxford trials. 

As we have noted, the decision of Facebook comes as Bill Gates challenges Trump's FDA's authority, and Kamala Harris tells the American people that she "will not take" a vaccine approved by Trump.

Throughout Africa, a host of other terribly paralyzing and debilitating diseases have been reported in vaccines developed by Gates but never tested on humans until used in Africa. 

This is India's medical study addressing the paralysis arising from the vaccinations of Gates, affecting 450,000 children and babies for life. This is why Gates was sued for his Crimes Against Humanity by India. The last page summarizes the damage sustained by 1/2 million young Indians. The remainder of the study is a very technical, accurate, and horrible medical report

Because of his Crimes Against Humanity carried out with his vaccines around the world, India, Russia and China have barred Gates from entering or using his vaccines for life.

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