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Dr. Robert Malone - In the same Farewell Address in which he famously foresaw the rise of the military-industrial complex, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned equally prophetically that a "scientific, technological elite" could one day grow so powerful as to dictate federal policy. In Episode 22 of Perspectives on the Pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone, the original inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, illuminates just how greatly the shared financial interests of a handful of Big Pharma men, high-level government bureaucrats and academic institutions have affected life-or-death policy during the COVID-19 pandemic."INJECTIONS AND INJUNCTIONS" PART 2: "SCIENTIFIC, TECHNOLOGICAL ELITE"
In Episode 21 of Perspectives on the Pandemic, “Injections and Injunctions, Part One: Paradox,” Dr. Robert Malone, originator of mRNA technology and consultant both to industry and government in product development and biodefense, underlines some of his gravest concerns about the current policy of universal vaccination. One of these is the emerging evidence of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), an adverse event typical of previous coronavirus vaccines, in which the disease is made worse by vaccination. Another is the “horizontal integration” of Big Pharma, Big Tech, governments and the corporate media that undermines such evidence and hushes such concerns.

Further reading based on Dr. Malone's comment, “In this period of time, particularly in the Israeli data, also in the UK data, and perhaps there are signs of it in for instance in a Massachusetts study, that … vaccinated people are being infected in a high frequency”
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