Senator Tom Cotton Says Dr Tony Fauci Needs to be Fired

Arkansas Senator, Tom Cotton demands Anthony Fauci be prosecuted for his lies.  He discusses how internal documents contradict Fauci's emails. 

Joining me now is Senator Tom Cotton, who was the first politician to raise the lab leak theory over 18 months ago. Senator, your take on these new documents.

SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): Laura, I've said for months that Tony Fauci should be fired. Now, it's clear that he lied to Congress. So he shouldn't be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

For 18 months, he's been saddling up his moral high horse and clucking his tongue at college kids who want to go celebrate a football game in outdoor stadium on a nice full day, or parents who don't want their kindergarteners have to wear masks their entire lives, telling you you have to wear three masks, when all along he's been lying, not just to Congress, but to the American people about his role in funding the very reckless, dangerous research at a Chinese communist lab that unleashed this pandemic on the world. It is a disgrace. And it's time for Tony Fauci to be held accountable.

INGRAHAM: If you had to rate this as a scandal, what would you rate it as, Senator?

COTTON: One of the biggest scandals in Washington in modern times, I mean, it funded a laboratory that in all likelihood is the source of this once in a century pandemic that has upended so many of our lives. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, many more have been seriously I'll. Kids have lost a year, now going on a second year of their education; weddings have been postponed; jobs have been lost; businesses have been close, and Tony Fauci all along has been lecturing you while hiding the fact that without proper notification to his political superiors in the executive branch, funded this reckless dangerous research in a Chinese communist lab. And then went to great lengths to try to excuse them.

I always wondering why early on in the pandemic, Tony Fauci insisted there's no way this virus could have come from that lab. It's not just obvious common sense. It broke out just blocks away from the lab where they're studying the coronavirus, where the lady in charge is nicknamed the bat lady. Yet he always insisted, it couldn't be possible. Well, now we know it was to cover his own tracks. It was to conceal what he had done with your tax dollars in incredibly reckless research and a Chinese communist lab.

INGRAHAM: What will happen in the Senate next, Senator?

COTTON: Well, I, for one, I'm going to be looking forward to Tony Fauci's next appearance in the United States Senate. Now, it's no longer just Tony Fauci trying to lecture senators using word games acting like they're the dumb ones, like they're the ones who don't understand basic concepts, like making a virus more transmissible.

When now in his own words and his own emails and the emails are all of his cronies who have been on this gravy train for decades getting your tax dollars and then concealing what it went for. So I for one, I'm looking forward to Tony Fauci's next appearance for the United States Senate. His appearance after that should be at the federal courthouse down the street.

INGRAHAM: How much legal jeopardy is he in from 1 to 10? 10 being the most legal jeopardy.

COTTON: Well, if he were a Trump appointee, Laura, it would be an 11. Let's just say it that way. I mean, he plainly lied to Congress. And it is time for the Department of Justice to investigate Tony Fauci and to hold him accountable to the fullest extent of the law. There is no way you can get around the fact that he has been misleading Congress repeatedly.


COTTON: In addition to misleading the American people for a year and a half, while he's presumed to lecture them about all their moral failings and stop the spurt of this virus from a lab that he helped fund.

INGRAHAM: Senator, thank you. And he told us we couldn't travel this weekend, that was - it would have been a bad idea to travel this weekend. Oh, please.

Now, the State Department caught lying about the role they played in rescuing Americans from Afghanistan. The congressman behind the effort is here next. Plus, who's on the planes coming out of Afghanistan? Ken Cuccinelli is here next on a shocking report of child brides. Stay there.

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