Scott Gottlieb Blocked Me On Twitter For Asking Him About Israel

Scott Gottlieb is selling a book about "Uncontrolled Spread" and is on the board of Pfizer.  Is he being truthful or is he conflicted? 

Scott Gottlieb former FDA commissioner
How is Isreal doing with Phizer vaccination rates at 90%?  Doesn't look so good, does it? 

Why didn't you speak to Isreal in your slide presentation?  Are you conflicted because you are on the board of Pfizer? 

Scott Gottlieb presented this slide on Isreal and totally ignored the core issues of why this data could be with 90% of the population vaccinated.  

Scott Gottlieb also presented Are We Already At Herd Immunity at 83.3%?  He did give credit to natural immunity which I commend but also credited 63.1% to vaccine immunity which seems extremely overstated considering the vaccinated are getting COVID at extremely high rates. 

herd immunity data 83%
20.2+63.1= 83.3%

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