How Many People Followed Stay at Home Orders?

Percent of People Following Stay at Home Orders

Cell phone tracking data suggest that there is zero correlation to shelter in place orders and fewer people spreading the virus.  A huge thank you to for sharing this data on this report: U.S. Geographic Responses to Shelter in Place Orders.

Here is a study which showed Home outbreaks were the dominant category (254 of 318 outbreaks; 79.9%), followed by transport (108; 34.0%; note that many outbreaks involved more than one venue category).

The graph below the map showing a slope shows how people began ignoring the stay at home orders gradually in some states and we really din't see an increase in cases in any of these States. 

Here is another map that shows density of infections as a percentage of people by County.

One perfect example is Florida would should have been off the charts with their Spring Break fiasco. Florida virus data is very similar to California that is locked down.

States Lifting Stay at Home Restrictions

Most U.S. states have imposed lockdown measures restricting gathering and social contact, disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of people and the operations of thousands of businesses. Some states, however, have announced or instituted plans to relax restrictions earlier than others. WSJ

Notice how the purple and red states are all interesting in opening up and getting back to business.  Yes the blue states have more dense populations in some cities.

Summary of election results of the 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 presidential elections from Wikipedia

What I hope we learn from this crises is to lock down the vulnerable with pre-existing conditions. Not healthy people. I am a firm believer that my immune system needs to be out in the environment to stay strong and exposed to things. Staying home only weakens the immune system.

Government policies going forward need to be based on data correlations & not medical experts!

Study Suggests Outdoor Virus Transmission Data Near 0%

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